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Google Asked to Remove 3 Billion “Pirate” Search Results

Copyright holders continue to flood Google with DMCA takedown requests, asking the company to remove “pirate links” from its search results. In recent years the number of reported URLs has exploded, surging to unprecedented heights. Since Google first started to

Google Asked to Delist Pirate Movie Sites, ISPs Asked to Block Them

After seizing several servers operated by popular private music tracker What.cd, last November French police went after a much bigger target. Boasting millions of regular visitors, Zone-Telechargement (Zone-Download) was ranked the 11th most-visited website in the whole of the country.

New ‘Coalition Against Piracy’ Will Crack Down on Pirate Streaming Boxes

Traditionally there have only been a handful of well-known industry groups fighting online piracy, but this appears to be changing. Increasingly, major entertainment industry companies are teaming up in various regions to bundle their enforcement efforts against copyright infringement. Earlier

Unblock KAT With KickAss Proxy & Mirror Sites

As digital streaming services like Netflix continue to rise, fewer and fewer people remain loyal to the good old “torrent sites”. On the surface, this statistic may seem to have dwindled rapidly. However, the truth is that there’s still a

Abandon Proactive Copyright Filters, Huge Coalition Tells EU Heavyweights

Last September, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced plans to modernize copyright law in Europe. The proposals (pdf) are part of the Digital Single Market reforms, which have been under development for the past several years. One of the proposals

Spinrilla Wants RIAA Case Thrown Out Over ‘Lies’ About ‘Hidden’ Piracy Data

Earlier this year, a group of well-known labels targeted Spinrilla, a popular hip-hop mixtape site and app which serves millions of users. The coalition of record labels, including Sony Music, Warner Bros. Records, and Universal Music Group, filed a lawsuit

Kotlin to overtake Java as default programming language for Android apps by 2018

Kotlin can overtake Java for Android development, claims Realm report Google at the I/O 2017 Developers Conference in May this year had announced that Kotlin will be an officially supported language in Android. It would join the list of existing

What Is A Keylogger And Key Logging Software?

All that you should know about a keylogger What Is A Keylogger? A keylogger ((short for keystroke logger) is a type of surveillance software (considered to be either software or spyware) that has the capability of tracking or logging every

Google and Udacity offering scholarships to 50,000 aspiring developers

Google Is Offering 50,000 Web And Android Scholarships Google in collaboration with online education program provider Udacity over the past couple of years have been providing learning opportunities for deserving students across the globe through their scholarship program. Over the

GitHub CEO: ‘We think autonomous coding is a very real thing’

GitHub CEO predicts that automation will bring an end to traditional software programming GitHub, also referred to as the “Facebook for programmers”, is a global web-based Git repository hosting service, which offers all of the distributed revision control and source