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Rightscorp Bleeds Another Million, Borrows $200K From Customer BMG

Anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp is one of the many companies trying to turn Internet piracy into profit. The company has a somewhat novel approach but has difficulty balancing the books. Essentially, Rightscorp operates like other so-called copyright-trolling operations, in that it

Playing for Money in the New ‘Prospectors’ Game

Playing for Money in the New ‘Prospectors’ Game If the title caught you by surprise, you’re not alone. ‘Playing for money’ sounds like an oxymoron. Imagine this: you get hired by a company for a new job. On your first

25 Best Apps To Download Free Music For Your Android Phone

Are you a music lover? Do you love to listen to the music in your free time or while doing any work? Then you landed at correct page as today we are going to share some of the best android

Top 40 Must Have Apps For Rooted Android Phones

In the initial days, when Android rooting wasn’t discovered, we were not having as much as control as we are having today. Earlier, it was almost impossible to do even little customizations. Android didn’t give as much control as it

Porn Producer Says He’ll Prove That AMC TV Exec is a BitTorrent Pirate

When people are found sharing copyrighted pornographic content online in the United States, there’s always a chance that an angry studio will attempt to track down the perpertrator in pursuit of a cash settlement. That’s what adult studio Flava Works

Court Orders Aussie ISPs to Block Dozens of Pirate Sites

Rather than taking site operators to court, copyright holders increasingly demand that Internet providers should block access to ‘pirate’ domains. As a result, courts all around the world have ordered ISPs to block subscriber access to various pirate sites. This

What is a ping?

How does internet ping work Ping is a type of network packet that is used to check if a machine that you want to connect to over the internet is available or not. A ping is a network packet termed

Artists Protest RIAA for Trampling on Their Moral Rights

Most people who create something like to be credited for their work. Whether you make a video, song, photo, or blog post, it feels ‘right’ to receive recognition. The right to be credited is part of the so-called “moral rights,”

Effectively Manage Your Android Data with Coolmuster Android Assistant

Effectively Manage Your Android Data with Coolmuster Android Assistant Applications and files are eating up your Android phone storage space? Transferring data from your phone to computer takes you too much time? Finding a specific file costs you 30 minutes

New malware uses Microsoft’s PowerPoint as an attack vector to infect computers

Microsoft PowerPoint exploit used to spread malware and evade antivirus Cybercriminals leave no opportunities to exploit when presented with security loopholes. According to a report from Trend Micro, a security firm, cybercriminals are abusing a vulnerability in the Windows Object