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A Web-Based Modem

If you are beyond a certain age, you will recall when getting on the Internet was preceded by strange buzzing and squawking noises. Modems used tones to transmit and receive data across ordinary telephone lines. There were lots of tricks

Motion Activated Super-Squirter Stands Guard

Thieves beware. If you prowl around [Matthew Gaber]’s place, you get soaked by his motion activated super-squirter. Even if he’s not at home, he can aim and fire it remotely using an iPhone app. And for the record, a camera

THREE top Democrats were told about Harvey Weinstein — and guess who’s among the likeliest suspects?

Accusations of hypocrisy concerning liberals’ silence over Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct are obvious and too numerous to count. It’s man preying on woman; it’s the rich and powerful taking advantage of the meek and powerless; it’s sex-in-the-workplace malfeasance; it’s everything

Hassle-Free Classical Conditioning for Honey Bees

When you’re sick or have a headache, you tend to see things a bit differently. An ill-feeling human will display a cognitive bias and expect the world to punish them further. The same is true of honey bees. They are

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are BAAAACK — and so is Hillary’s email scandal

“Lock her up! Lock her up!” was an often-heard chant from crowds attending Donald Trump campaign rallies in 2016, and it was even was heard rising from the floor of the Republican National Convention. Now that the dust has cleared

WHAT?! Donations to Republicans reach unprecedented level — and the reason why is JAW-DROPPING

Those paying astute attention have learned there are two narratives in America today, one being pushed by the media and the truths playing out everyday on Main Street. Seldom are the two in agreement. For example, remember how the media

When You Die, You Might Know That You’re Dead. Scientists Discover Signs of Life After Death

It’s one of the biggest mysterious in human history: What happens when we die? Does ‘consciousness’ cease to exist, because it’s a product of the brain? Or does consciousness remain, because it does not require the brain or any other

While Goodell twiddles his thumbs, NFL crowds are growing SHOCKINGLY thin

U.S. President Donald Trump criticized the National Football League today for not making players stand up for the national anthem, castigating league officials for essentially backing players who are making political statements on the field. In an afternoon news conference,

Exploiting Weak Crypto on Car Key Fobs

[tomwimmenhove] has found a vulnerability in the cryptographic algorithm that is used by certain Subaru key fobs and he has open-sourced the software that drives this exploit. All you need to open your Subaru is a RasPi and a DVB-T

YIKES! You won’t believe how many viewers the NFL has lost — just this year

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The executives of the NFL have continued to prove they don’t know their audience. Even those who know little about sports realize that nobody is tuning into the