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Thursday’s TV highlights: ‘The Walking Dead: Behind the Dead’ on AMC

SERIES Superstore Tensions rise among the employees after an attempted robbery, and Glenn (Mark McKinney) has a tough time firing a security guard. 8 p.m. NBC Supernatural The manifestation of Jack’s (Alexander Calvert) abilities alarms Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki,

Johnny Depp sues former lawyers, alleging malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty

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Aero Theatre an ‘Eden’ for Lois Smith fans

All hail the American Cinematheque for giving the great Lois Smith the mini-retrospective she deserves. The program screening at the Aero Theatre begins Friday with an action-packed double bill of “Twister” and “Minority Report” and concludes Sunday with two ’70s

Variety critic tells her story: A TV executive sexually assaulted me

Variety TV critic Maureen Ryan revealed on Wednesday that an executive in the TV industry sexually assaulted her in 2014. In a personal story posted Wednesday on Variety, the former Chicago Tribune and Huffington Post critic writes that while the

It was Bob and Harvey Weinstein against the world. Then they turned on each other

For the Weinsteins, it had always been Bob and Harvey against the world. In 1979, the twenty-something rock promoters brought their unpolished demeanor, fast-talking style, and rough negotiating tactics to the movie business, naming their new film production company after

Explore a Silver Lake mansion filled with live, experimental music in Echo Society’s ‘Family’

A few months ago, there was a scandal in experimental music, when streaming service Spotify was accused of packing its popular ambient playlists with anonymous artists who had millions of plays but no apparent fanbase. Some suspected a royalty-skirting ruse;

Escape into music’s dark side with this weekend’s Cloak & Dagger festival

If the real world already feels too much like an unremitting sea of bleakness punctuated by violent, howling noise, perhaps this weekend’s inaugural Cloak & Dagger festival in downtown L.A. isn’t for you. But what if two nights of heavy,

With consent from Brazil, AT&T has only one regulatory hurdle left before it can gobble Time Warner

Telecommunications giant AT&T has secured the blessing of Brazilian regulators for its $85-billion takeover of Time Warner Inc., moving the blockbuster deal closer to the finish line. The Dallas phone company on Wednesday said Brazil’s antitrust authority, the Conselho Administrativo

Molly Ringwald essay prompts Jeffrey Katzenberg to apologize for lewd comment he denies making

Molly Ringwald’s experiences with Harvey Weinstein were, she says, more a matter of bad taste than bad behavior. But that can’t be said about the rest of Hollywood when she was a career-on-fire young actress fueled by her success in

At Women in Hollywood gala, actresses share their stories of sexual assault

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