Rush Limbaugh issues dire warning that US is on its way to another Civil War. This is who he blames.

Conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh on Friday warned that the United States is well on its way to a second Civil War, and he places direct blame on “America is under attack from within. Our culture, our history, our

Trump supporters demand Lenin statue be removed; STUNNED by mayor’s response

While leftists continue to protest and demand Confederate statues be removed from public squares, Trump supporters have decided that two can play that game. Fans of the president in Seattle decided to march around a statue of Vladimir Lenin on

DESPICABLE: White nationalists promise more rallies and issue horrific threat

As if things couldn’t get any more strained racially speaking, it seems last weekends’ bloody activities in Virginia have inspired white nationalists across the country to keep on fighting. More demonstrations are being planned to promote the white nationalist agenda,

Lib lawmaker who called for Trump’s assassination doubles down with anti-Semitic attack on her own governor

Democratic Missouri State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal’s latest tweet is creating quite a stir on social media — and once you see it, you’ll understand why. The tweet aimed at Republican Gov. Eric Greitens, who is Jewish, comes right after Chappelle-Nadal

BAM! Trump SLAMS the door on another Obama immigration policy

With the news media focusing almost exclusively on everything negative about President Trump (both real and imagined), the steady stream of good economic news and the growing list of Obama-era policies he’s undoing easily gets lost in the shuffle —

[VIDEO] Police thwart attack on Civil War re-enactors

If you’ve no time machine and can’t literally go back in time and change history, what’s the next best thing? Maybe trying to bring a little justice to those simply reenacting it? Whether famous battles like Gettysburg or the flight

Jay Z Chills in London, New Bel Air Homeowner Acknowledges Kanye Feud

Jay Z re-surfaced in London Friday night, after opening up about his feud with Kanye West. Jay hit up Chiltern Firehouse, after releasing his interview on Tidal, in which he says Kanye crossed the line when he ranted on stage

Who is Hamlet? Three actors make their case

Who is Hamlet? This might seem like a strange question to ask about the most famous character in all literature, a figure incarnated by some of the most brilliant actors of the last four centuries and the subject of a

Little People, Big World’s Audrey Roloff Celebrates Baby Shower, Talks Baby Names: ‘We’ve Got One Name in Mind’

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The Coolest Pool Floats for Your Labor Day Party

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