14 slipper shoes that allow you take your hygge game out on the town

Check out my own personal results with Plexus: What is Plexus? We get it, when your home has been transformed into a Zen den full of soft materials, millennial pink hygge homewares, and comfortable loungewear, it’s tempting to stay cuddled up inside. There

Hassle-Free Classical Conditioning for Honey Bees

When you’re sick or have a headache, you tend to see things a bit differently. An ill-feeling human will display a cognitive bias and expect the world to punish them further. The same is true of honey bees. They are

Tori Spelling’s Family Album

Tori Spelling has lived her life in the public eye. The actress has shared photos through the years of her family life, starting out with her upbringing with her famous parents Aaron and Candy Spelling, to now raising kids of

ShakeOut Thursday: 38 million people worldwide to participate in earthquake drill

On Thursday. October 19th over 38 million people worldwide will be participating in one of the largest coordinated emergency preparedness drills, ShakeOut Th […] The post ShakeOut Thursday: 38 million people worldwide to participate in earthquake drill appeared first on

Alexander Points Finger At Trump As Opposition to Obamacare Deal Mounts

Sen. Lamar Alexander’s (R-Tenn.) deal to stave off the collapse of Obamacare is meeting with a less than ecstatic response. As the bipartisanRead More… from The Resurgent Click Here for full article #ThePlexusPrepper Click on this link to see Purchase

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are BAAAACK — and so is Hillary’s email scandal

“Lock her up! Lock her up!” was an often-heard chant from crowds attending Donald Trump campaign rallies in 2016, and it was even was heard rising from the floor of the Republican National Convention. Now that the dust has cleared

Ozzy Osbourne’s Ozzfest Sues Over Central Park’s OZY Fest

Someone’s trying to make a buck off Ozzy Osbourne’s name and his long-running concert festival … according to a new lawsuit. Ozzy’s company’s unleashing their lawyers on a Central Park music event called OZY Fest — short for OZY Fusion

Cheers to Libra season with this astrologically crafted herbal cocktail

It’s no secret that Libras are among the most social of the signs. The type of girl who hits it off with just about everyone she meets, a Libra is exactly who you want at a party—if she isn’t already throwing it herself. Virgo season

Chris Webber: NBA Has More Freedom Than NFL, ‘We Get to Speak Our Minds’

Chris Webber is praising the way the NBA handles social issues — while throwing shade at the NFL — saying basketball players have WAY MORE freedom to express themselves than football players.  “We talk about Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin…

WHAT?! Donations to Republicans reach unprecedented level — and the reason why is JAW-DROPPING

Those paying astute attention have learned there are two narratives in America today, one being pushed by the media and the truths playing out everyday on Main Street. Seldom are the two in agreement. For example, remember how the media