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Our New Store

We’re currently in the process of integrating all of our products of the last 18 years into a single online shop. First up is a limited edition risographic print that Davin illustrated as an accompaniment to the Grow Curious book

Read an Excerpt from My New Book, Grow Curious

The Grow Curious book is here! To celebrate, we’ve decided to make the Introduction available for everyone to read. This will give you a small taste of the book, as well as two projects that you can start with as

Grow Curious Book Pre-Ordering is Here!

It’s almost here! My new book, Grow Curious: Creative Activities to Cultivate Joy, Wonder, and Discovery in Your Garden has gone to the printer and pre-ordering is available for those of you who did not catch the Kickstarter campaign. Order

Parasitized Ladybug

The other day, while walking around, exploring the garden, I happened upon a ladybug sitting on a leaf on the black currant bush. Upon first glance I thought the ladybug was alive, but looking more closely I could see that

Spring Seed Sale!

All seeds are on sale 20% off in my shop. Use the coupon code “SPRINGSEEDS” at checkout. *Sale also applies to all other products in the Etsy shop.      from You Grow Girl Click Here for full article

Gardening is a Form of Resistance

Today and every day: Grow and eat good food. Find your grounding in the earth and connect to the nature that is in you — the nature that is you. Make space for wildness. BE wild. Tend and be tender.