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Are midnight snacks making your sunburns worse?

Check out my own personal results with Plexus: What is Plexus? Warm summer nights were made for leisurely meals al fresco and twilight strolls with frozen treats (vegan ice cream float, anyone?). But these late-night snacks may spell disaster for

Knockoff makeup may save you money, but your skin pays for it big-time

Check out my own personal results with Plexus: What is Plexus? Counterfeit designer bags used to be everywhere, but a new sector is dominating the mimic market—and it’s probably hurting your skin more than it’s helping your wallet. Faux versions of everything from Kylie

The one smoothie mistake that’s making you bloated

Some days, your wellness habits are on point. You get up, blend a delish smoothie loaded with fruit, protein powder, and maybe some collagen (why not?), and even make it to your a.m. workout with minutes to spare. But then it

You can now add this cheese to your list of anti-inflammatory foods (seriously!)

Sticking to an anti-inflammatory diet isn’t easy. It involves cutting ties with gluten, dairy, and (of course) sugar. Sure, there are some amazing nut cheeses, but they aren’t typically what’s being cut into cubes and passed around on Bachelorette Mondays

5 home decor items from the new Target collection to give your home a healthy jolt of energy

Check out my own personal results with Plexus: What is Plexus? If you’re no stranger to spending free time in Target, wandering the aisles for super-cute activewear and covetable natural-beauty products, your hobby is days away from reaching obsession status. The store just released a preview of

Your definitive guide to beauty devices for your skin

Check out my own personal results with Plexus: What is Plexus? Skin care is complicated: Women’s beauty routines include an average of 12 products every day (or more, if you’re like me). And still, there’s a whole world of items beyond spritzes

The healthy cocktail you’re going to want to sip through August and beyond

Summer has no shortage of signature cocktails (hello, frosé) but it’s rare to find one that’s got the Instagram potential and the health benefits to make you want to keep sipping long after the weather calls for a frozen drink. Until you meet the cactus water margarita. The

10 things to know about World Champion high jumper Vashti Cunningham

Check out my own personal results with Plexus: What is Plexus? As far as stylish athletes go, Vashti Cunningham may not be on your radar—yet—but the 19-year-old high jumper (and her streetwear-filled Instagram feed) should be. Last year was major

Squash blossom pizza is the summery recipe your taste buds have been waiting for

Eating a flower-covered pizza sounds like something that could only go down in our wildest dreams, but that dream is about to become a reality—and a delicious one, at that. Two ingredients in particular really stand out: chia seeds and coconut milk.

Get your avocado toast fix now, because prices are about to surge

What goes up must come down, but—UGH—it seems the opposite is also true. Just when you were getting used to avocados being an affordable staple in your weekly grocery haul, things have taken a turn for the worse: Your favorite green fruit is