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Rightscorp Bleeds Another Million, Borrows $200K From Customer BMG

Anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp is one of the many companies trying to turn Internet piracy into profit. The company has a somewhat novel approach but has difficulty balancing the books. Essentially, Rightscorp operates like other so-called copyright-trolling operations, in that it

Porn Producer Says He’ll Prove That AMC TV Exec is a BitTorrent Pirate

When people are found sharing copyrighted pornographic content online in the United States, there’s always a chance that an angry studio will attempt to track down the perpertrator in pursuit of a cash settlement. That’s what adult studio Flava Works

Court Orders Aussie ISPs to Block Dozens of Pirate Sites

Rather than taking site operators to court, copyright holders increasingly demand that Internet providers should block access to ‘pirate’ domains. As a result, courts all around the world have ordered ISPs to block subscriber access to various pirate sites. This

Artists Protest RIAA for Trampling on Their Moral Rights

Most people who create something like to be credited for their work. Whether you make a video, song, photo, or blog post, it feels ‘right’ to receive recognition. The right to be credited is part of the so-called “moral rights,”

Cloudflare Kicking ‘Daily Stormer’ is Bad News For Pirate Sites

“I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the Internet.” Those are the words of Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince, who decided to terminate the account of controversial Neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer. Bam. Gone.

“Public Figure” Threatened With Exposure Over Gay Piracy ‘Fine’

Flava Works is an Illinois-based company specializing in adult material featuring black and Latino men. It operates an aggressive anti-piracy strategy which has resulted in some large damages claims in the past. Now, however, the company has found itself targeted

Showtime Seeks Injunction to Stop Mayweather v McGregor Piracy

It’s the fight that few believed would become reality but on August 26, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will duke it out with UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor. Despite being labeled a freak show by

Game of Thrones Episode “S07E06” Leaks Online Early

Trouble continues for HBO as another episode of the popular Game of Thrones series has just leaked online, days ahead of the official premiere. Copies of the sixth episode of the current season, titled ‘Death is the Enemy,’ are currently

Spinrilla Refuses to Share Its Source Code With the RIAA

Earlier this year, a group of well-known labels targeted Spinrilla, a popular hip-hop mixtape site and accompanying app with millions of users. The coalition of record labels including Sony Music, Warner Bros. Records, and Universal Music Group, filed a lawsuit

Roku Gets Tough on Pirate Channels, Warns Users

In recent years it has become much easier to stream movies and TV-shows over the Internet. Legal services such as Netflix and HBO are flourishing, but there’s also a darker side to this streaming epidemic. Millions of people are streaming