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6 Healing Herbal Teas You Can Make From Backyard Plants

Image source: Our ancient ancestors developed remarkable medicinal solutions from nature. One of those was herbal teas. Herbal teas involve an infusion of certain leaves, roots or bark in hot water to leach out certain chemicals and nutrients that

How Your Sleep Patterns Can Spark Alzheimer’s

Image source: Staying up late or even all night can be fun — sometimes. You’re at a party that goes long and nobody wants to leave. Or you have a new baby in your house. Or you’re binge-watching Netflix.

How To Turn Medicinal Weeds Into Infused Oils, Just Like Your Ancestors Did

Image source: Herbs, whether locally found or grown in the garden, carry medicinal and culinary purposes, allowing homesteaders to make teas, tinctures and infused oils from them. But herbs aren’t the only local source. I enjoy using locally grown

Turkey & Fruit Salad 🥗 

   I love fruit in my salads, they make it so delicious! Here’s what you need: Handful of Spring Mix Salad 4 pieces of oven roasted turkey lunch meat, chopped 1 mozzarella string cheese, chopped 4-5 grapes, halved 3 strawberries,

Fresh Strawberries and Honey Greek Yogurt Popsicles 

   With only TWO ingredients needed this is super easy to whip up with your kids (and fun for them)! They make for a very yummy summer treat and it’s healthy!  Here’s what you need:  2.5-3 cups Greek God’s Honey

Watermelon Mint Water 🍉 

   It’s almost summertime but if you live in the South like we do it’s been hot for months! This drink is absolutely refreshing and perfect for those BBQ get togethers or for a ladies night in.  So here’s what

9 Off-Grid, All-Natural Solutions To Depression

Image source: Depression can strike anyone, anywhere, for any reason, and without explanation. Sometimes it goes away on its own, such as in a case of “the blues” around the holidays. Situational depression is caused by a sudden, unexpected

The Best Essential Oils For Hyper And Moody Kids

Image source: Pexels Anyone who has children knows that kids are an absolute blessing. However, some kids suffer from hyperactivity and mood swings – conditions that can turn a happy home into a daily grind. If you take your child

10 Health Benefits Of Cinnamon That Surprised Even Us

Image source: What do you think of when you smell cinnamon? For many of us, the powerful spice’s aroma brings back memories of holidays or cozy winter nights by the fireplace. Or, maybe your grandma treated you to cinnamon

Poultices: The Easy-To-Make ‘Miracle Medicine’ The Pioneers Used

Image source: These days, it’s easy for us to focus on internal medicines, such as painkillers or over-the-counter topical treatments, all of which are full of unnatural toxins. Nature already provides everything we need to take care of our