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Pay Your Farmer Or Pay Your Doctor. It’s Your Choice.

Image source: We overplanted our gardens again this year. My husband and I often roll into harvest season with more food than we can ever possibly eat. We eat fresh from the garden all season, try to preserve as

Hot To Find And Harvest Ginseng (Legally)

Image source: Wikipedia Ginseng, in Chinese, means “man root.” The miracle herb was first discovered thousands of years ago, and has been used as a powerful medicinal supplement for just as long. Likely, it was named as such because the

Epsom Salt Can Do THAT? (Yes, And It Should Be In Your Stockpile)

First, let’s dispense with its odd and utterly confusing name. Although it sounds like it could be a relative of gypsum, aka calcium sulfate, Epsom salt is actually named after Epsom, England, where its healing benefits were first discovered. Epsom

10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cucumbers (You’ll Love No. 7!)

Image source: My summer garden this past season included a bumper crop of cucumbers, and what a treat they were. Cucumbers add a delicious crunch to salads, and they are tasty by themselves as a quick snack, especially on

The 4-Ingredient Elderberry Syrup That Destroys The Cold & Flu

Image source: TheDabblist / Creative Commons license There are several varieties of elderberry grown throughout the world, but the medicinal herb we want for its powerful cold- and flu-fighting powers is European black elderberry, or Sambucus nigra L. Elder

10 Brain-Boosting Foods That Just Might Make You Smarter (You’re Gonna Love No. 6)

Image source: We have all heard the phrase, “you are what you eat,” but did you know you that what you eat can make you smarter? In addition to helping your body stay healthy and strong, certain foods can

All-Natural Fall Remedies That Smart Homesteaders Store For Winter

Image source: The fall can be a busy time if you’re trying to stock a well-prepared larder. Perhaps you’ve put up or purchased enough food to get you through the winter, but have you thought about keeping your family

Surprising Kitchen Cures From Cabbage (Yes, Cabbage)

Image source: Its leaves can range from light green to dark purple, and they can be wrinkled or smooth. Naturally low in calories, this cruciferous vegetable packs a lot of health benefits. However, the cabbage, which is eaten throughout

24 Little-Known ‘Miracle Plants’ The Navajo Used For Medicine

Artist: Robert Draper   Anyone interested in living off the land or wishing to prepare themselves for a crisis would be wise to study some of their local plants. Native people had an extensive knowledge of which plants, and which

Honey: The Old-Fashioned Wound Treatment That Still Works Today

Image source: Honey is a homesteader’s dream. Produced as a necessary byproduct of a honey bee colony’s pollination of your precious plants, honey is a fantastic addition to a meal or beverage (or—and we know you do it—for eating