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Q&A with Survival Expert Creek Stewart’s New TV Show

The Survivalist SOS: How to Survive is coming to the Weather Channel You may know Creek from his popular survival program, “Fat Guys In The Woods,” and I’m eager to check out his new show. This time around, Creek and

Survival Gear Review: Helle’s New Folding Bushcraft Knife, the Bleja

Survival A first look at a beautiful Norwegian blade The craftsmen at Helle have spent the last three years trying to design and perfect a new folding knife that holds up to their standards. The result of their effort is…

3 Reasons to Add Junk Food to Your Survival Stash

The Survivalist Greasy snacks are more than a guilty pleasure Whether you are building a survival food supply at home, or you’re stocking a survival kit with a few food items, consider adding a little junk food to round out

The 3 Biggest Keys to Long-Term Food Storage for Survival

The Survivalist Stashing food for emergencies isn’t paranoid—it’s smart survival Don’t think of food storage as paranoid food hoarding, think of it instead as a food insurance policy. And if you’re going to stock up on some staples, you’d better

The Right Gear to Bear-Proof Your Camp

Hunting There are more tools than ever for protecting your food in the backcountry. Here’s a sample. from Survival Click Here for full article

5 Items Every Survivalist Can’t Pack Enough Of

The Survivalist “It’s better to have it and not need it – than to need it and not have it.” We’ve all probably heard some version of this prepper mantra in recent years. Sure, these are… from Survival Click Here

3 Ways You Can Use Rain in a Survival Situation

The Survivalist Look for the silver lining in a rainy day When I was younger, a downpour would sour my mood and ruin my outings. But now that I have a few more winters behind me, I’ve really started to

3 Ways to Track Animals in Tough Terrain

The Survivalist That includes prey, predators, or even humans what happens when we have to track through difficult terrain? There are a few tricks we can use to stay on the trail, and with some practice – you’ll start to

6 of the Greatest Modern Hunting Dog Stories

Hunting A half-dozen wonder dogs that defied the odds in the field These heroic canines worked overtime to retrieve that last bird, track that lost deer, and face off with a mountain lion. These are their stories. from Survival Click

Survival Gear Review: Kupilka Camping Cup

The Survivalist Enjoy your favorite trail brew or a cup of hearty soup with ease Kupilka has combined traditional Scandinavian-style containers with beautiful modern materials to create a new line of outdoor products that are durable, lightweight,… from Survival Click