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How I Survived A Double Grizzly Attack

Hunting A Montana hunter couldn’t believe his luck when he survived a bear attack. He also couldn’t believe it when the bear returned to finish what she had started. A bad day in bear country A Montana hunter couldn’t believe

15 Trees Every Outdoor Lover Should Learn to Identify

Survival Identifying traits and uses for common North American trees If you want to be a true outdoorsman or woman, and a true survivor, you’ve got to become a plant person. from Survival Click Here for full article

46 Survival Skills to Keep You Entertained in the Backyard and Alive in the Backcountry

Survival These tips include handy tricks for homesteading and vital survival knowledge for real-world hunting and fishing emergencies The backyard is an ideal place to experiment with these techniques, many of which would be useful around the house in the

You Can Use These 2 Kinds of Tree Fungus for Fire Tinder

The Survivalist Here’s how to identify the fungi You might not expect tree fungus to be particularly useful, but—surprise—it’s often very handy. If you have birch or black locust trees growing near you, then you… from Survival Click Here for

10 Things To Do Before You Head Into the Wilderness

The Survivalist Going for a walk in the woods? Check off these items first Before you launch out into the wild, you want to make sure you’ve prepared yourself. Here are ten things to do before you go. from Survival

Q&A with Survival Expert Creek Stewart’s New TV Show

The Survivalist SOS: How to Survive is coming to the Weather Channel You may know Creek from his popular survival program, “Fat Guys In The Woods,” and I’m eager to check out his new show. This time around, Creek and

Survival Gear Review: Helle’s New Folding Bushcraft Knife, the Bleja

Survival A first look at a beautiful Norwegian blade The craftsmen at Helle have spent the last three years trying to design and perfect a new folding knife that holds up to their standards. The result of their effort is…

3 Reasons to Add Junk Food to Your Survival Stash

The Survivalist Greasy snacks are more than a guilty pleasure Whether you are building a survival food supply at home, or you’re stocking a survival kit with a few food items, consider adding a little junk food to round out

The 3 Biggest Keys to Long-Term Food Storage for Survival

The Survivalist Stashing food for emergencies isn’t paranoid—it’s smart survival Don’t think of food storage as paranoid food hoarding, think of it instead as a food insurance policy. And if you’re going to stock up on some staples, you’d better

The Right Gear to Bear-Proof Your Camp

Hunting There are more tools than ever for protecting your food in the backcountry. Here’s a sample. from Survival Click Here for full article