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Homestead Cash: 23 Perennials & Biennials You Can Raise For Profit

Goji berry. Image source: Homesteaders are always on the lookout for ways to be sustainable – and if possible, make some money. One great way to do this is to sell perennials and biennials. Selling plants is one step

American Homesteaders Are Growing Rice. Here’s How They Do It.

Image source: In the western part of the world when people consider growing their own staple grains, they generally think of wheat or oats. Rice is predominantly grown in eastern countries, but that’s largely due to historical preference. Rice

5 All-Natural Weed Killers, Straight From Your Kitchen (No. 2 Will Kill ANYTHING)

Image source: Weeds — they creep up in your garden, sneak through the cracks in the sidewalk, and make it a point to grow everywhere that’s inconvenient to reach. The easy-out, of course, is to reach for a bottle

8 ‘Magical’ Vegetables You Can Regrow From Scraps (With A Little Help)

Image source: YouTube screen capture.   Vegetables typically get one go-round in the kitchen, and then we toss the carrot tops, sprouted garlic or celery bottoms in the compost bin or garbage can without giving it a second thought. Who

The Secret To Storing Fresh Lettuce For Up To A MONTH

Image source: It happens: We buy or pick lettuce with the best of intentions, but before we eat it all, it wilts, or worse, gets slimy. With a little care, though, most lettuce will keep for at least a

17 Amazing Ways Duct Tape Can Save Your Life (Hopefully You’ll Never Have To Try No. 10)

  Image source: Survival situations require you to think on your feet, meaning that anything and everything you have needs to be viewed with a whole new mindset. That means using a little creativity and ingenuity. One of the

Lost In The Woods: 5 Tricks For Finding Your Way … Without A Compass

Image source: After numerous fishing, hunting and backpacking trips, I’ve found myself lost more times than I’d like to admit. Over time I learned the hard way and spent a good amount of effort learning some basic techniques for

Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Compost

Image source: Oregon Metro Most people know there are a lot of items that can be composted.  Vegetable trimmings, for example—things like outer lettuce leaves, tomato cores and sweet pepper seeds are no-brainers.  But for those who are ready to

5 Simple No-Till Methods That Will Change How You Garden

Planets partner with soil ecosystems to create conditions favorable to their growth. This includes everything from increasing organic matter in the soil, to creating soil structures ideal for holding water and exchanging nutrients, and making nutrients more bioavailable/useable to plants

Stockpiling Firewood On The Cheap

Image source: Most of us are planning on heating and cooking with wood when the power goes out or the grid goes down. But to make it through winter requires somewhere between four and six chords of firewood. At