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Lemongrass: The High-Yield Herb That’s Easy To Grow Indoors

Image source: Wikimedia Lemongrass is one of those amazing herbs that seems to have almost endless benefits. Not only is it a delicious addition to many Asian dishes, but it also can be used in a myriad of herbal remedies,

Why Fall May Be The Best Time To Plant Your Onions

Image source:   Onions may well have been among the first edible foods grown in domestic gardens, as the history of the domestic onion goes back thousands of years – seeds have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs —

Survival 101: How To Forecast Tomorrow’s Weather … Without The Weather Channel

Image source: When you left the Jeep by the trail, and began heading down the oak leaf-covered footpath that winds its way up the mountain ridge, you felt certain about today’s weather. You had enjoyed a gorgeous night of

Squash-Storing Secrets: How To Make It Last Up To 8 Months

Image source: The first time I grew spaghetti squash, I had no idea when to harvest it. Of course, I’ve purchased spaghetti squash many times. Those store-bought fruits were butter-yellow and usually about the size of a quart jar.

Solar Energy Breakthroughs Review And Giveaway

Puerto Rico’s power grid crisis has triggered renewed interest in solar energy. That’s what happens when a hurricane takes down 100 percent of a U.S. territory’s power grid and leaves millions of people in the dark. And it’s only going

I Have Encountered Bears And Survived. Here’s What To Do.

Image source: My first encounter with a black bear was when I was 17 and on a high school canoe trip in a Canadian park. There were eight of us in the group, including a guide. Our guide had

4 Quick Ways To Store A 3-Day Emergency Supply Of Water

What are your first steps when you hear that a storm is coming? Whether it’s a hurricane or a blizzard, do you have a supply of water available in the event that a storm knocks out the power or flooding

Squash 101: Tricks To Keep Your Harvest Stored For MONTHS

Image source:   Squash is easy to grow, and the rambunctious vines, huge leaves and colorful blooms add beauty to the late summer garden. However, there’s a distinct difference between summer and winter squash. Unlike zucchini and other types

8 ‘Weird-But-Essential’ Things You Aren’t Stockpiling (But Should Be)

Image source:   You probably have seen at least a dozen lists pertaining to what you should be stockpiling just in case disaster strikes. It is a little hard to fathom that reality, but imagine going to Walmart or

6 Survival Lessons From Puerto Rico’s Crisis

Photo by Sgt. Jose Ahiram Diaz-Ramos Oct. 4, 2017 The recent one-two punch of Hurricane Irma passing north of Puerto Rico and then Hurricane Maria crossing over the island has given us a rare opportunity to witness about as serious