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Turns out, laser tag is an incredibly fun way to get in a workout

Your kids are going to be so jealous when you tell them you’re heading out for a laser tag workout. from California Life & Style – Los Angeles Times Click Here for full article

My guitar gently weeps for Chicago, John Prine, sinful sandwiches and the old ‘hood near Wrigley

In our last installment, I’d been pantsed by the TSA, fleeced by the rental car company, and nearly hammered to death by mosquitoes in the hometown I hadn’t visited in five years. Do not become alarmed. This is pretty much

Jeremy Scott creates a custom leather look for Miley Cyrus’ ‘Younger Now’ album artwork

The singer and designer have been collaborating for several years. from California Life & Style – Los Angeles Times Click Here for full article

On the hunt for those fast-selling Moschino beauty products? We’ll tell you where to find them

Jeremy Scott, the Los Angeles-based fashion designer, was all smiles at a July party at the West Hollywood Moschino boutique in celebration of his first foray into cosmetics. Scott, who also designs an eponymous fashion label, has served as creative

For the love of celebrity with Julie Klam, author of ‘The Stars in Our Eyes’

Julie Klam talks about her book on celebrity, “The Stars In Our Eyes,” and why the famous have such a hold on us. from California Life & Style – Los Angeles Times Click Here for full article

From Nasty Gal to Girlboss: Sophia Amoruso’s new digital media firm lands $1.2 million investment

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso is boosting her efforts to grow Girlboss Media, armed with $1.2 million and a raft of new hires aimed at building out the digital media firm. Girlboss Media held its inaugural event in March with

Adidas, JD Sports tap Hailey Baldwin and Stormzy for fall 2017 EQT advertising campaign

Hailey Baldwin and rapper Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr. — better known as Stormzy — have been tapped by Adidas and JD Sports to star in the fall 2017 EQT campaign. EQT is part of the Adidas Equipment range

Corn is in season. We have recipes

What’s in season: A summer favorite, mounds of corn are piling up at market stands. Corn’s season typically runs from the hot summer months through early fall. Fans of white and yellow varieties are welcome to debate which is sweeter

Paul Yoon’s ‘The Mountain’ is quiet, restrained and howling beneath the surface

Paul Yoon’s new collection, “The Mountain,” is not what you’d call delightful — the stories are sober and the prose is quiet, yet in that is the howling of the human condition that makes the best short fiction stand out.

What some of L.A.’s chefs pack in their kids’ lunchboxes

The sun is barely up, but already the kitchen counter looks like a restaurant line at the height of dinner service. Strewn across the Formica are the makings of today’s specials: some leftovers, a few nubby carrots, a baton of