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SPECIAL REPORT: Steve Bannon Tried To Turn Trump Into A Racist

There is a lot of speculation right now about why Steve Bannon was fired or if he did, in fact, resign. Our special correspondent in the White House, Cynthia Luwhoe, has an exclusive report directly from Trump’s new White House

BREAKING: Clinton Foundation Cargo Ship Raided At Port Of Baltimore Reveals Sick Secret

A ship owned and operated by the Clinton Foundation was raided as it arrived from Africa this morning at the Port of Baltimore. The ship, which was supposed to be carrying “emergency supplies,” was actually carrying a cargo that had

BREAKING: Barcelona Terrorist Has A Cousin In The US Named Barack

Driss Oukibir, the terrorist responsible for unspeakable crimes and unimaginable death in Barcelona, has visited the White House. He went there in 2009 with a class of 5th-grade students from Pakistan, sponsored by his first cousin, President Barack Obama. Oukibir is

BREAKING: Armed ‘ANTIFA’ Terrorist Group Takes Mar-A-Lago

Donald Trump’s exquisite Palm Beach resort home, Mar-a-Lago, has been quietly infiltrated and seized by armed ANTIFAs, according to our source inside the building. After some digging, the phones at the club have been set to go directly to voicemail

Senator Chuch Schumer Taken Away In Handcuffs While His Wife And Kids Cry

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuch Schumer of Pennsylvania was picked up while on vacation on Long Island this morning by the US Marshals. Schumer was taken in on a warrant issued by a federal Judge for tax evasion. According to

BREAKING: Senator Al Franken’s Daughters Hauled Into Court In Handcuffs By The DEA

Senator Al Franken’s daughters, Louise and Farrah, were brought into federal court this morning by the US Marshals after being arrested by the DEA at the Port of New York. They were arrested after taking possession of a cargo container

Democrat Congressman Charged With Murder Dumps Dirt On Hillary For A Plea Deal

Congressman Ralph Shepard of Wisconsin, charged Friday with killing his wife in a fit of rage over the outcome of a game of Yahtzee, is talking with the US Attorney’s Office about arranging some sort of a plea deal in

Breaking: Cops Find Likely Motive In Alex Jones Murder

Alex Jones was likely murdered to cover up a story he had been working on to clear his name over the “Comet Pizza” incident. According to lead detective Shawn Lebeau: “Jones had hundreds of enemies but only a couple who

Hillary Clinton Found Dead But Because Of Hoaxes Nobody Believes It

The plane Hillary Clinton was on when it went down in the Wadroskegan National Forest In Eastern Ohio has been found but the former First Lady/Senator/Secretary of State was not among the survivors. Her aide, Huma Abedin, was found 1.3

BREAKING: Obama Had The Garden Of Eden Destroyed To ‘Protect Islam’

In the spring of 2014, scientists from the God Project, a federally funded movement to connect science to the truths of the Bible, brought incredible news directly to the White House. They had made a discovery, pretty close to home,