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Pressure mounts on HBO as its social accounts face hacking

A famous entertainment firm i.e. HBO is under a lot of pressure after consecutive hacking attempts by various hacking groups. A major blow to HBO were the recent claims of successful hacking and leaking of scripts and episodes of Season

Threat discovered as backdoor in server management system found

As seen with the current trending news of hacking, it has now entered into a new era of multi-dimensional hacking which ensures that the attack is successful and affects many people. One of such innovations in hacking is the recent

Something as simple as road stickers for self-driven car hack

Hacking has entered into a new era where it is being used for graver purposes involving important government sectors, personal privacy and even human lives. Self-driven car hacking got a hot topic in 2015 when a group of hackers showed

‘Protest’ results in Venezuela Government Websites Hacking

No matter which form of government exists in a state, whether democracy, royalty or dictatorship, people may have their protest against certain elements or way of ruling against the state. Normally we see this protest as huge crowds gathering to

Billboard hacking in Cardiff results in display of offensive images

Billboard hackings have turned common in the recent past. As observed frequently, the hack of Liverpool One shopping centre billboard, hack of Atlanta shopping centre billboard are few examples of how hackers are now using public billboards for their nefarious

Episodes and scripts of Game of Thrones leaked from HBO

In the midst of top trending hacking news nowadays, hackers are attempting hackings in almost every aspect: from hoverboards to Windows and even power stations. However, a unique aspect that no one would have paid attention to is being targeted

Microsoft launches an interesting way to assess vulnerabilities

What are the two ways of being surprised by a major or minor vulnerability as a developer in your software? Firstly: have hackers make an unprecedented attack on your software and make the news worldwide of a successful hack and

Undetected surveillance malware haunts mac users worldwide

The integrity of data and security of mac systems is well-known but in the past three years, mac systems have come under a lot of scrutiny. A report published in 2011 went as far as to claim the following: “In

Segway hoverboard hacking puts questions on safety

We all have heard about the current hacking trend of major public service sectors like power houses, dams etc. What is next is something that you might not have expected: Segway hoverboard hacking. Amazing and astonishing as it might appear,

Cheap password stealing malware circulation worries security experts

You might be astonished nowadays by a barrage of security threats being targeted in every possible way. Cryptocurrency, power houses, banks and everywhere else, the hacking attempts have been made more and more sophisticated. A widespread and common example of