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Unblock KAT With KickAss Proxy & Mirror Sites

As digital streaming services like Netflix continue to rise, fewer and fewer people remain loyal to the good old “torrent sites”. On the surface, this statistic may seem to have dwindled rapidly. However, the truth is that there’s still a

How to Download Content from Netflix?

Long before entertainment companies transformed the TV landscape, most people resorted to downloading torrents from various sources. In fact, this never ceased even after streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix were launched. Reason? Quite obviously, ‘torrenting’ allows you enjoy

14 Best Thriller Movies on Netflix Which Are Worth Watching!

Netflix has been making some really good TV shows for us to binge on. However, a new season takes about a year to appear on the service. So what do you do until then? Well, you can watch a good

Netflix Customer Support Contact Numbers (Updated)

Want to know what features are offered on Netflix? Having an issue trying to play your favorite movie? Need some assistance to upgrade your plan? Well, Netflix’s customer support is considered to be one of the best in the business.

10 Best Apps for Android to Watch Anime Online

Remember the song “World at Your Feet”? The famous English rock band, Embrace, clearly weren’t thinking of smartphones when they made this song or else, the lines would have been, “World at your fingertips”. Confused? We’re referring to the 5”

List Of 4K Content Available On Netflix (Series, Movies & Documentaries)

The evolution of video and its quality has been incredible, and how! From cinematographs to color TV to camcorders to DVDs to streaming in 4K, we’ve surely come a long way. Today, we’re able to watch a movie with CGI

All You Need to Know About Voot: A Detailed Review

Until just a few years ago, most people would be baffled at the very mention of a video-on-demand service. Firstly, thanks to the widespread popularity of torrent sites, which allow you to download content and watch it offline, for free.

8 Legal Ways to Watch Game of Thrones Online

George R. R. Martin would have never thought that one day, a figment of his imagination would evolve into such a massive worldwide phenomenon; but it did more than just that. It became a universal cult. Game of Thrones, a

10+ Best Sites to Read Manga Online (Both Paid & Free Sites)

Comic books have always had a huge fan-following. They’re fun, light, short, and relatively easy to comprehend. Most of us have grown up reading comics like Batman, Daredevil, Marvels, and X-Men. However, Japan somehow always creates an equally awesome version

How To Check If Any Streaming Site Is Legal?

Piracy is widely prevalent. Many youngsters would argue that indulging in online piracy is more often than not, a result of either inaccessibility to content or expensiveness associated with entertainment (movie tickets, cable TV subscriptions, etc.). However, the fact remains