Testing out this Coupon Run

fooditems dollar_reciept

Currently, at Target and Dollar store, I have seen Campbell’s soups on sale for .75 cents. I haven’t checked Walmart, but they do provide ad matches.

I ran to the local Dollar General store. You can sign into the Dollar General digital coupons here to register for the free digital coupons. When you’re in Dollar General, just hit the digital coupon button on the card reader at the checkout, and enter your phone number. You can also download the Dollar General App to your smartphone.

For the Campbell’s, I used the Dollar General digital coupon and printed out 2 manufacturer coupons.

The manufacturer (and digital) coupon offered 80 cents off when you buy 4 Campbell’s soup. This made each can 55 cents each.

For the Colgate’s I had two coupons printed out.

I used a $2.00 coupon for the $4.00 optic white and .50 cent coupon for the 1.25 triple action Colgate.

For 12 Campbell’s Mushroom soups and 2 Colgate toothpaste, my total came to $11.86.


You can go beyond this and do an ad match at Walmart, then use the free application Ibotta to get an additional .75 cents return.



You can signup for Iboota free here.
You can always search on Free Coupons for more coupons.